| Seashells - how do I keep starfish from being stinky?

Seashells - how do I keep starfish from being stinky?

redneck girl asked:

I vacationed at the ocean and collected shells (some from beaches, some from stores). The starfishes smell bad. Is there a way to seal them?

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One Response to “Seashells - how do I keep starfish from being stinky?”

  1. Miss. Bliss on June 6th, 2009 5:48 pm

    How to preserve a Starfish

    The best way to preserve a starfish is to soak it in 70% isopropyl alcohol overnight. After doing this let it dry out real well on a paper towel, out in the sun if at all possible. You might also want to weigh down the legs so that it does not curl up as it dries.
    Starfish should only be cleaned in a mild detergent solution that is mostly water and very little detergent and dried in the sun. A preferred method is to soak the starfish immediately in rubbing alcohol for 48 hours and forego cleaning it. Then, allow the starfish to dry in the sun. Be sure to weigh down every arm of the starfish, or they will curl up and not be as pretty. Another way to preserve the starfish is soaking it in formalin, which is 1 part formaldehyde and 5 parts water, and then drying it properly. The starfish will have a very strong chemical odor at first that will dissipate after it has dried completely.
    How to Treat a Sand Dollar or Starfish
    1. Wash your starfish and sand dollars carefully with clean water.
    2. Let them dry completely in a sunny windowsill or on a windproof patio. As they dry, they become light and can easily blow away.
    3. Strengthen a sand dollar by soaking it in glue water: Mix 1/4 c. glue with 4 to 5 c. water, and let the sand dollar soak for a few hours.
    4. Use a paper towel to pat the sand dollar dry. Allow it to dry completely.
    5. Color a starfish or sand dollar with watercolor paints.
    You can spray your Seashells with a clear acrylic sealer, but be careful as this can yellow the shells over time. Some Sprays will cause more yellowing than others. Spray only lightly on the Starfish because too much will cause the starfish to turn yellow.